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2.670,00  VAT 0%

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We are happy to serve you as One-Stop-Shop supporting users to get most out of the systems and resolve any incidents. We help in technical matters from hosting to business software, as well as we provide advisory services for ICT in business development. Drive your business goals and delight your employees, customers and partners with modern systems – you are backed with our team to assist you with any technical or process issue in the use of the systems. Furthermore, BOOST service includes a named person with whom you can work closely to drive your business requirements.

Enhanced Support BOOST: 890 eur (VAT 0%) per month

  • Including max. 20 tickets per month (à max 15 min).
  • Other tickets min 25 eur/pcs, hourly rate 95 eur/h (VAT 0%), min 15 min.
    • We make a work time estimate for your approval before starting the assignment.
  • Advisory, training, etc. hourly rate 115 eur/h (VAT 0%), min 1h.
    • We make a work time estimate for your approval before starting the assignment.
  • Bi-weekly 2 hours development/training/prioritization meetings with a named consultant.
  • Includes access to MONITZION Portal to three (3) users .

SLA: max. 4 hours response time.


  • Contact support, report incidents and make enquiries.
  • Make service requests and order new services.
  • Contact sales and account management.

In addition, MONITZION Portal is One-Stop-Access Point to all your digital resources. Learn more how you can make your life easier: https://monitzion/monitzion-portal
Authentication to the Portal requires O365- or Google-email.

The plan is an automatically renewing three (3) months subscription: 2 670 eur (VAT 0%) per three (3) months.

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